For years I have always struggled with my identity and a sense of belonging. As a result I have been highly susceptible to the influence of those around me which has been both good and bad. This led me to question why I could not be true to myself because trying to be other people had so far only made me unhappy. What I realised over time is that I have a great intuitive sensitivity for the feelings of others, regardless of how well I know them or not. For a long time this meant that I had been subject to a roller-coaster of other people’s emotions, left under the impression that they were my own. And that as soon as I stopped allowing myself to be the victim of my own subconscious, it could be my biggest strength.
In essence this is what I explore on a daily basis, using my camera to document what I see. There is often a difference between what you allow the outside world to see of yourself and who you truly are inside. And while it may be a happy coincidence that my initials spell the very thing I search for in others, it remains a constant reminder that in an age where we have more means of communication than ever before, it is still with ourselves where a lot of us desire to communicate most harmoniously.